September – B and I meet and have our first date

April – We start talking seriously about our future
July – We move in together
August – We make our official baby plan, which has us start trying next September (and I start this blog)
December – We have our first counselling appointment at the fertility clinic (we need to have two)

February – We meet with Dr Dapper at the fertility clinic and find out I need surgery
May – I have surgery and it turns out fine.
June – We get engaged
August – We meet with Dr Dapper, have our final counselling appointment and choose our donor.

– CD1 on the 6th of October
– Clomid 50mg CD3-7
– Gonal-f 150iu CD9 and CD11
– Scan on CD12 shows too many follicles (6) and the cycle is canceled

November iui#1
– CD1 on 1st of November
– Clomid 25mg on CD5-9
– Gonal-f 75iu on CD10-13
– Scan on CD11 showed two 11mm follicles
– Scan on CD13 showed too many follicles (5) and the cycle is canceled
– Get offered a follicular reduction instead so the cycle is back on
– Follicular reduction and insemination on CD15
– Home pregnancy test on 10 days past ovulation (dpo) – faint positive!
– HPT on 11dpo – darker line BFP!
– hCG level 126 and progesterone 154 at 14dpo

– hCG level 473 and progesterone 186 at 18dpo (3 Dec)
– hCG level 4906 and progesterone 165 at 25dpo (10 Dec)
– scan at 6 weeks 4 days – heartbeat (18 Dec)

– nuchal scan at 13 weeks 2 days – everything looks great (3 Feb)

– anatomy scan at 19 weeks 6 days – looks perfect, but couldn’t see sex or get spine measurement
– Got Married!
– Honeymooned in Melbourne, Australia.

– 2nd anatomy scan at 21 weeks 5 days – its a girl!

– 19 hours of labour later, we welcome our beautiful daughter. 2.92kg and healthy.

Life after this revolves around our darling Roo (blog name).

Roo turns 18 months and we meet with the Dr Dapper again to discuss baby #2.


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