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I couldn’t wait

I wrote the first part in this post on 9dpiui. I tested. Even though I know that it’s really early to see anything, even though I don’t know exactly when I ovulated and I might only be 8dpo.  I just … Continue reading

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Tww and a bit about Roo

I’m 4dpiui today. Time is passing as slowly as I anticipated. I have already been googling stuff. There really are no symptoms at this point. I just have an increased awareness of my uterus, like I did for the entirety … Continue reading

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So today is my CD19, the last day my clinic will do an insemination before cancelling a cycle. So what am I doing today? Having an insemination (iui)! To my surprise I have managed to grow a follicle and ovulate … Continue reading

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And… nothing

No sign of a LH surge today (CD16). Blood test and ultrasound scheduled for Sunday. If nothing is happening then, it’s all out for this cycle. I feel mostly numb at this stage. I haven’t really believed that we are … Continue reading

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Tiptoe tiptoe

First blood test was on Saturday (CD10), second on Monday, and the third is scheduled for Wednesday. Obviously I have shown no sign of a LH surge. Last cycle I probably ovulated on CD19. So I’m not expecting anything until … Continue reading

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I’m more cheerful than average to see my period arrive, as it means the first TTC cycle has officially begun. However, the actual period experience hasn’t been magically made more enjoyable. Also, I managed to get more detail on my … Continue reading

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Decision made

It’s all go for March! We worked out some plans for how we will cope with moving if I am pregnant, and decided to just go for it. Also the progesterone test came back and I have ovulated, so the … Continue reading

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