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Beta #1

Got a call from the nurse as I was picking up Roo from Childcare. Roo was climbing into the pram herself and about to fall out, so I was quite distracted.  Another example of how things are different this time … Continue reading

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I’m more cheerful than average to see my period arrive, as it means the first TTC cycle has officially begun. However, the actual period experience hasn’t been magically made more enjoyable. Also, I managed to get more detail on my … Continue reading

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Decision made

It’s all go for March! We worked out some plans for how we will cope with moving if I am pregnant, and decided to just go for it. Also the progesterone test came back and I have ovulated, so the … Continue reading

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It’s a lot of cash for 10 minutes. Dr Dapper said: • your cycle is regular enough at this point that we could try for a unmedicated cycle • but there is a reasonably high chance you will go past … Continue reading

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beta #2 and other next steps

On Tuesday (4 weeks 4 days) had my second blood test to measure hCG and progesterone levels. My hCG level was 473, which gives me a doubling time of 50.3 hours. I was a bit disappointed about that to be … Continue reading

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ups and downs

I used a home pregnancy test each morning this week. I even used two on Wednesday, to try out another brand. B laughed at me, and so did my mother when I told her. I was reassured though, by the … Continue reading

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