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Beta #3

All going strong with HCG at 9236! That’s a doubling time of 47.5 hours. Very nice and steady. Next test is in a week. I’m not sure why they are asking for another blood test. If I keep on the … Continue reading

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Beta #2 and 20 months

I’m happy to report that my HCG is 797, which is a doubling time of 47 hours. Bang on schedule, which is reassuring. I have also been feeling more symptoms. Intermittent nausea and mild heartburn. Plus that sensitivity to smells … Continue reading

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Beta #1

Got a call from the nurse as I was picking up Roo from Childcare. Roo was climbing into the pram herself and about to fall out, so I was quite distracted.  Another example of how things are different this time … Continue reading

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Symptoms and reflections

I have looked back through the posts I wrote at this point in my pregnancy last time, but I wasn’t that helpful! This time I’m going to try and note more about what happens. If there is a next time, … Continue reading

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I couldn’t wait

I wrote the first part in this post on 9dpiui. I tested. Even though I know that it’s really early to see anything, even though I don’t know exactly when I ovulated and I might only be 8dpo.  I just … Continue reading

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Google monster

I have been googling like crazy. I know I shouldn’t but I makes me feel like I am doing something productive, even when I’m not. I spent a little while searching early pregnancy symptoms, but that was just depressing as … Continue reading

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