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ups and downs

I used a home pregnancy test each morning this week. I even used two on Wednesday, to try out another brand. B laughed at me, and so did my mother when I told her. I was reassured though, by the … Continue reading

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on the road again

Today is CD1, unexpectedly. I was expecting my period to arrive tomorrow afternoon/evening or the next day. Instead it sneaks up on me at work this morning – when I was wearing grey pants! TMI sorry, but I was so … Continue reading

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and we’re out

Seems like I am a slow responder, then I go all out. Had a scan this morning, and they found two large follicles (18mm) and 3-4 smaller but still big ones (13-15mm). This is too many to risk (high chance … Continue reading

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I’m home from the surgery, in fact I will probably go back to work tomorrow. I have some bruising, a couple of stitches, and a little bit of pain, but overall I am feeling fine. Mostly it has just been … Continue reading

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