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So today is my CD19, the last day my clinic will do an insemination before cancelling a cycle. So what am I doing today? Having an insemination (iui)! To my surprise I have managed to grow a follicle and ovulate … Continue reading

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Tiptoe tiptoe

First blood test was on Saturday (CD10), second on Monday, and the third is scheduled for Wednesday. Obviously I have shown no sign of a LH surge. Last cycle I probably ovulated on CD19. So I’m not expecting anything until … Continue reading

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Starting to move a little

I feel like our prepare for pregnancy program (yay alliteration) is starting to heat up. Our appointment with Dr Dapper is next week, and nobody had asked me to get any blood tests etc. So this morning I called the … Continue reading

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and we’re out

Seems like I am a slow responder, then I go all out. Had a scan this morning, and they found two large follicles (18mm) and 3-4 smaller but still big ones (13-15mm). This is too many to risk (high chance … Continue reading

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