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All about Roo at 2

I have so much to write about at the moment, but this post is all about Roo. She’s 2 years and 17 days old today.  Our daughter is a constant delight to us. She’s hilarious, both on purpose and accidentally. … Continue reading

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Nearly 19 weeks 

The last three weeks passed very quickly and very slowly.  I briefly contemplated being a single parent with 2 children under three during a week where rational thought battled with terror. We realised that my wife was showing some quite … Continue reading

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13 weeks and homeless

Currently New Zealand has a real problem with homelessness. This is the result of many factors, but especially a combo of a reduction in the amount of affordable housing controlled by the government through a sell off of government assets … Continue reading

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12 weeks and all the rest

We’re in our new house!? Actually our furniture is in the house but we are not. We have taken up residence in a rather dated motel.  Our house title still hasn’t been issued and we are waiting with bated breath. … Continue reading

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Tww and a bit about Roo

I’m 4dpiui today. Time is passing as slowly as I anticipated. I have already been googling stuff. There really are no symptoms at this point. I just have an increased awareness of my uterus, like I did for the entirety … Continue reading

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18 months!

Can you believe that Roo* is 18 months old? I am having difficulty with it, and I have the living breathing truth in front of me. At 18 months she is a hilarious, active, talkative little person. She makes us … Continue reading

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Six weeks

The last six weeks have been the quickest and slowest of my life. I can’t believe that she is six weeks old and it also seems like we’ve never been without her. We still turn to each other and go … Continue reading

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