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So today is my CD19, the last day my clinic will do an insemination before cancelling a cycle. So what am I doing today? Having an insemination (iui)! To my surprise I have managed to grow a follicle and ovulate … Continue reading

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And… nothing

No sign of a LH surge today (CD16). Blood test and ultrasound scheduled for Sunday. If nothing is happening then, it’s all out for this cycle. I feel mostly numb at this stage. I haven’t really believed that we are … Continue reading

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Tiptoe tiptoe

First blood test was on Saturday (CD10), second on Monday, and the third is scheduled for Wednesday. Obviously I have shown no sign of a LH surge. Last cycle I probably ovulated on CD19. So I’m not expecting anything until … Continue reading

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my first TWW

It all went to plan! I had the follicular reduction yesterday morning. I was sedated but still slightly awake, I could hear people talking and felt the needle moving about. It only took about 3 minutes in the end. The … Continue reading

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