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Twas the night before Christmas

I’ve just finished work for the year, and it’s nice to think of the 11 days off B, Roo and I will get together. It’s been a whole year since we had that amount of time together. While we have … Continue reading

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so much to tell you

Despite having two weeks off from work, I didn’t manage to get a post in. Not because I was too busy, but because I have so much to say. I will just squish it all together and try to catch … Continue reading

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on death and divorce

I feel a bit like I have been slapped in the face. Which did happen to me once, and left a similar sense of shock and confusion long after any fleeting pain. In the past two and a half weeks, … Continue reading

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I’m home from the surgery, in fact I will probably go back to work tomorrow. I have some bruising, a couple of stitches, and a little bit of pain, but overall I am feeling fine. Mostly it has just been … Continue reading

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