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Decision made

It’s all go for March! We worked out some plans for how we will cope with moving if I am pregnant, and decided to just go for it. Also the progesterone test came back and I have ovulated, so the … Continue reading

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It’s a lot of cash for 10 minutes. Dr Dapper said: • your cycle is regular enough at this point that we could try for a unmedicated cycle • but there is a reasonably high chance you will go past … Continue reading

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Results, and confusion

It turns out that I have had a previous CMV infection. It seems strange to be really happy to have had a disease. Just one of a number of really strange things related to conception and pregnancy I guess. All … Continue reading

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Preparing for pregnancy

Before I got pregnant with Roo I did a range of things to try and prepare my body for pregnancy.  Some evidence based, and some not. At that time I was so focused on having a baby, that it gave … Continue reading

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Quick house question

Imagine that you are choosing which to buy between two basically identical houses. Same floor plan except for one difference. Both houses have 3 floors and 3 bedrooms, 2 on the second floor and 1 on the third. The second … Continue reading

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B and I have distinctly different ways of thinking about many things. I am a planner and list maker. I like to know everything I can in advance of anything I do, and the more I know the calmer I … Continue reading

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midwife decisions and our last beta

Yesterday my hCG level was 4906. That gives us a doubling time of approximately 50 hours. So we are on track from last time, which is reassuring. Our first scan is scheduled for next Wednesday, when I will be 6 … Continue reading

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