Still here

So so much going on. Chase will be one in about 10 days. We have bought a new house. We have a couple of weeks to sell our current place. My wife and I are both in negotiations for new jobs. It’s Christmas time, we haven’t bought any presents and we will move house on the 20th. We’re booked to go away just after Christmas. 

The kids are growing and growing. I still think I haven’t gotten my head around the concept of multiple children. It seems strange to be a parent of two. 

Chase is the happiest, cuddliest baby/toddler. He’s walking reasonably well now, he can walk across a room if not distracted. He still crawls a bit though. 

Only saying mum and mama so far, but lots of sounds he seems to think are words. He’s got great eye hand coordination, can put duplo pieces together.  

He’s an excellent sleeper, and seems to need more sleep than Roo did at the same age. He’s still having 3 naps on some days and never less than 2. 

He is wearing size 2. Very tall. He’s got huge feet and a big head. He loves food and gets very upset if someone is eating something that he isn’t. 

We love him so so much. He’s sensitive and loving. He just loves to snuggle up on the couch with us. 

He’s at childcare for 3 part days a week and he loves it. So much sand eaten! All the teachers adore him. 

Roo is 3 year and 4 months now. She’s such an independent person. Her language is about the same as the average 6 year old.  We have to be quick to keep up with her. 

She’s enjoying hanging out with older kids at a new childcare where kids go up to 5/6 years old. However her best mate seems to be the older brother (about 9 years old) of one of the other kids. He comes everyday when his mum picks up his sister and plays with Roo for 10-15 minutes. He’s a really sweet kid and Roo loves him. 

We are thinking a lot about how to support her in schooling going forward. The hardest thing is not expecting Roo to be as emotionally mature as her language ability indicates. She’s finding things a bit difficult at the moment with moving and trying to sell our house. We are trying to give her the time and space to deal with it. 

She’s in a king single bed now, which seems very grown up. She’s only in nappies at night time, and we’re not eager for that to change. The door to her current room opens onto a flight of stairs and we don’t want to encourage her to fall down them half asleep, trying to get to the toilet.

She is so funny and loving. She sings songs she makes up and is constantly moving. The only time she sits still is watching tv (which she was never allowed before her brother arrived and now gets to watch quite often). 

Her physical confidence is wonderful. She hasn’t met a playground she won’t tackle and is only held back by a lack of height/arm reach. 

Both children are a complete joy to us. We are so lucky. Our new house is a proper family house with so much more space than our current townhouse. I’m really looking forward to seeing them enjoy the extra space for running and playing.

I have so much more to say, but I will leave it here and hope that I manage another post in the next year!

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