I just want a life without drama

So… I don’t know what if anything has been in international media about the recent earthquake in New Zealand, but it was huge (7.8M). 

I mentioned in my last post that we were about to travel to a family wedding. The wedding was on Saturday in a little town called Kaikoura in the south island. All the other guests traveled home on Sunday, but we had organised to stay another night (didn’t want to stress my 36 week pregnant body too much… lol). 

On Sunday night at about midnight the quake hit. The epicentre was close to Kaikoura. 

The shaking was phenomenal. Things flew across the room and a large chest of drawers fell on to the bed (just missing B’s feet). My first thought was to get to Roo (aged 2), but I couldn’t get out of bed as the shaking was so strong. My glasses had flown a metre across the room and I couldn’t see them (power was out, it was pitch black, and I am extremely short sighted). 

After the first part (about 2 min long) there was a pause for long enough for B to find her phone and turn on the torch. Then another one hit. In the brief gap after that I managed to get my glasses and put of bed. I moved out of the room into the dark with the aim of getting to Roo asap. 

I stubbled into and around tipped over furniture and banged into walls as I made my way to Roo (her room was inconveniently located on the other side of the house we had rented). My mum (who came with us) had just reached her and B stubbled after me a few seconds later. We all huddled on the floor next to Roo’s bed and tried to reassure her as the house shook around us with almost constant aftershocks.

About 10 min later the caretaker of the housing development we were staying in banged on the front door. He told us to grab whatever we could and drive to high ground. 

We ran around frantically trying to get the important stuff in the car, and putting some clothes on. It was dark and we only had the light from B’s phone as it took a while to find where mine had been thrown. 

I kept Roo beside me with a pillow and strict instructions not to move from the pillow. She was amazing. No crying at all and followed instructions. She just clung to her favourite soft toy and lay on the pillow. 

We got what we could in the car and headed up the hill with lots of other cars. That’s where I will pause the story, which is very long (and gets even more dramatic), but I can tell you that we are home safe now.

Will post part 2 soon. Thinking of everyone involved.

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5 Responses to I just want a life without drama

  1. LTTexas says:

    Wow, so incredibly glad that you all made it home safe!

  2. sofhearts says:

    Yikes, that must have been especially scary with a little one (and 36 weeks pregnant!) Glad you’re all okay.

  3. AndiePants says:

    So so so scary. Glad you’re home safe!

  4. Amy says:

    Oh my goodness, that’s terrifying! And even more so when you have a little one… So glad you are all safe.

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