Bits and pieces

I’m 34 weeks and 2 days. There’s so much random stuff to mention that I will just make a list.

  • This morning a van pulled out from a car park into the side of our car as we were driving down the road. It hit the passenger side where I was sitting. We were going reasonably slow, and only had a fright and a few little scratches in the paint. But that was nothing compared to the fright that the very nice man driving the van got when the heavily pregnant woman got out of the car! I think he will be more careful from now on.
  • I’m still adding to my list of pregnancy symptoms. My hands and feet are now swelling every day. Also feeling heart palpitations and very short of breath. When I lie down I often feel a painful pressure on my rib cage from underneath.
  • We’re going to the wedding of B’s brother and his longtime partner in a week or so. I’m looking forward to it as they are lovely people, but we will have to do quite a bit of travel to get there. My mum is coming with us to look after Roo when needed. It’s in a tiny town, at least 2 hours drive from the nearest major hospital, so I very much hope I don’t go into labour there.
  • Also, while B’s family is lovely, they come from a small town and I expect we might be the first out lesbians that most guests have ever met. Given that we’re also married, with a child, 8 months pregnant, and from a large town with jobs most people have never heard of, I expect to be a bit of a novelty.
  • I’m concerned about how big this baby is, and if that will mean an early induction. I am looking forward to our next scan in a few weeks, which will hopefully provide some more concrete information. 
  • My mum is going overseas for work when I’m 37 and a half weeks to 38 and a half weeks. I’m hoping that I don’t have the baby while she’s away. The plan is for her to look after Roo. We have a backup, but Roo is most confident with her Nan. 
  • Roo is just amazing at the moment. She says the funniest things. Sleep is back to normal and we are all very happy about that. 
  • Roo is fascinated by learning about new things. She currently loves glowworms, gardening (especially fennel for some reason), diggers, dressing up, dancing and music, baking, and rugby. 
  • I only have one more day of work left. It’s crazy to think that I will be off work for the next 14 months. And that I might get another job rather than going back to this one. My body is very ready to leave though. I’m exhausted.

    If you made it through the ramble, I’m very impressed.

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