A bit worried at 32 weeks

My midwife visited yesterday. It was mostly fine, but she was concerned about one thing.

When she arrived she mentioned that she wanted me to get a growth scan because Roo was only 2.9kg when she was born. I was just happy to think about seeing Chase again.

Then when she did my fundal measurement it was the same as it was last time I saw her – 4 weeks ago. Which is concerning. 

She asked me to book the scan within a week. At the radiology firm I have had all my other scans with, I could only get an appointment on the 31st of Oct. I asked my midwife if that would be soon enough. She asked me to call the rival radiology firm in my city to see if they had a closer appointment. 

They did, and I get to have the scan tomorrow. Which I am very relieved about, as if my midwife is worried, then I’m worried. I am feeling lots of movement, so I’m reassured by that, but I will be happier when the scan is all normal. 

Otherwise, I’m just gradually adding more symptoms to the list I complained about it my last post! Now my ankles and hands are starting to swell, and I’m getting pain at the front of my bump. 

I’m thankful that I only have two more weeks at work. Then I can rest a little bit more, and more importantly have some mental space for preparing for our new addition. Hopefully I make it through the next two weeks at least. 

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6 Responses to A bit worried at 32 weeks

  1. Oh, yuck for stress, here’s hoping the scan looks good!

  2. AmyApplesnail says:

    Ugh it sucks to be given something to worry about like that. The fact that you feel lots of movement though is definitely reassuring, and my midwife told me that the belly measurement wasn’t the most accurate predictor of baby size. Mine was small, dating my baby younger than she was, and then around 34 weeks it jumoed up in size and started dating my baby ahead of what she was. I’m sure everything will be fine – enjoy having another sneak peak 😉

    • Yes, something is off. My belly is measuring 30 weeks, I’m actually 32 and a half, and the scan showed a baby at 36 weeks! And no confusion about dates possible here haha. It was nice to see him. I think he looks just like his sister ☺.

  3. LTTexas says:

    Hoping all turns out well!!

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