Not the location I was expecting 

Today is Roo’s second birthday. My big girl is two, it seems so strange. This was going to be a post all about her, but it’s a post about how I’m not home this morning to celebrate with her.

I’m lying in a bed in the delivery suite at the hospital. The baby is fine, and still inside me! It’s just where they had a spare bed and I am pregnant. 

Last night at about 8.30pm I had an episode of blurred and fractured vision. It only lasted about 10 or 15 min and we put it down to tiredness. I got ready for bed and then about 10pm I noticed my fingers on my right hand were tingling, then the right side of my face started to tingle. 

It was quite scary. It felt just like when you get aesthetic at the dentist and it starts to wear off. I called B and she was very concerned. Her mother suffered many strokes, so she was particularly worried about that. 

I also realised that I had not felt like baby kick as much as usual. Not no movement, but just a bit less than usual. That added to my concerns.

I called my mum, who agreed that we should go to the hospital, and she can over to stay with Roo. Then we headed off. Thankfully it’s about a 3 minute drive from our house.

The Emergency department transferred me pretty quickly to the delivery suite, where they also do assessments. A midwife put on a fetal heart monitor and it was reassuring to hear it strongly. However, they had lots of difficulty keeping the monitor on as the baby kept moving around. 

This was good to hear, and the midwifery student who couldn’t find him on the monitor consistently gave him his new blog name – Chase! A little bit after that I saw a obstetrician, who said Chase is fine, but your symptoms are neurological so she’s not the expert in this. 

I was given a room for the night for observation. Very strange to be in a delivery room and not be in labour. The obstetrician also did a quick ultrasound to check on Chase and he looked fine. It was about 2.30 am by this point. 

The general medical doctor came to see me about 3am and did a range of tests. She said they are not too worried about it, but wanted to keep me until the morning so they could check with the neurological team when they started work. So that’s what I’m waiting for now. 

B went home at 3.30 am so that Roo wouldn’t wake up without either of us. I got a couple of hours sleep, but I’m feeling pretty shattered now. B is dropping Roo off at childcare as usual and then coming over. 

Not the way I intended to start my daughter’s second birthday.  I miss her. I will post again about her birthday party, which was on Saturday thankfully. She’s such a delight. 

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3 Responses to Not the location I was expecting 

  1. LTTexas says:

    Hope all turns out well! Prayers and positive energy coming your way.

  2. sofhearts says:

    Yikes, that much have been scary. Hope you’re feeling better and that it was a one time thing.

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