16 months

I am just amazed to have a 16 month old. Where has the time gone?

Roo is a real toddler now, complete with little tantrums. She’s testing all the boundaries she can think of. She’s also learnt to try and cute her way out of situations. Example:

Roo gets frustrated with her food and starts bashing things off the side of the high chair. I remove the spoon etc.
Roo is even more upset, she grabs my hand and brings it to her mouth to bite. I say her name firmly to remind her that I’m watching. She looks me in the eye, shifts my hand to her cheek, leans her head against my hand and says ‘duddles’ (cuddles).

She’s so freaking adorable, and she knows it.

Her language has exploded, and I can’t count the number of words she knows. She’s using 2 word phrases like ‘duddles up’, and ‘birdies nom nom nom’ (watching birds eat bread).

She’s running confidently and climbing everything. Roo is still a very physical child. Her childcare teacher says she’s completely fearless. She is always in motion and exploring new things.

The only time she sits down is to read a book. She loves to read books herself and being read to.

She’s very social and loves going out and flirting with new people. She is generally very well behaved outside of the house, which is lovely.

She is however, a runner. If we put her down without holding her hand she’s off. Not a worry about leaving us behind. I’m not a fan of the child rein, so we’re focusing on hand holding and waiting.

She’s such a delightful little girl. All conversation and cuddles and exploring the world.

I wanted a child more than anything, a desire part emotional and part hormonal I guess. But I was prepared for it to be hard, for sleepless nights and screaming. I never imagined that it would be so much fun, that she would bring so much pure joy into our lives.

I’ve made some pretty terrible decisions in my life, but I would change nothing because this is the life that has led me to right now.

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