Roo is 14 and a half months old and she has found her words. Over the last three weeks she has become very talkative and we can sometimes understand her.

It is so wonderful to ask a question and get an answer. However, with words have come very strong opinions! We are starting to move into that boundary challenging phase. Any tips on how to maintain boundaries for a toddler would be appreciated.

I’m sure Roo thinks that she can say lots of other words, but these are the ones I have understood:
No (no no no no no)
Good girl
Poo bum
Bluey (her toy red panda)

I’m a little bit sad about her talking as it seems like she’s lost the last piece of being a baby. She is a little kid now. Her face has lost the babyness and with some expressions I get a glimpse of what she might look like as an adult.

She now walks and holds my hand while out, so we carry her or use the pram a lot less. However, she is liable to just run away whenever she’s put down, so we have take care in getting her hand quickly.

We are just bursting with love for our little person, and looking forward to hearing what she thinks of the world.

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One Response to Language

  1. How gorgeous! Language is a real game-changer, isn’t it? And I hear you on the boundary pushing front – our nearly two year old is all about this at the moment!! I found this author/book quite helpful: and have been picking up strategies from more experienced parents at Playcentre as fast as I can.

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