savoring the moments

We are trying to make a concerted effort to enjoy our child-free life at the moment, in recognition of the fact it won’t be for too much longer hopefully. Sometimes I find this very difficult. On Thursday night I read a crappy novel where the woman’s child was stillborn at 7 months. I cried for about an hour! It’s not just that I am afraid of that happening to me (though I am), it’s just that holding our
child in my arms seems so far away even if everything goes perfectly.

I can’t worry about babies constantly, so tonight we are having a romantic evening. We are going to dinner at our favourite nice restaurant and then to see the first hobbit movie in gold lounge. Should be fun, I have always loved the hobbit.

Then tomorrow we are having a chat with friends who have already been though the process at our fertility clinic. We are hoping they will have some good info as the first of our compulsory counseling sessions is booked for Tuesday. Although it is supposedly counseling, it does feel like a test of our suitability to procreate. I keep reassuring myself that they would probably take our money no matter what, it is a business.

Now all I should be worried about is what to wear to dinner…

Will leave you with a picture of a very cute kitten.


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